What Does It Mean To Be A "Rebel For Good"?

What Does It Mean To Be A "Rebel For Good"?

When Retired United States Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills envisioned Rebel for Good, his goal was to spread a positive message, but not stop there. There is no shortage of “messages” for us to hear and have opinions on. We all need to rebel from the temptation to just simply be message “hearers” or “sharers” and become “doers”. 

We believe that we are all united by our desire to do good. So many of the messages you will see on the news or online are focused on fostering anger and complacency. They tell us who we are, what is wrong, and who we should all blame. But what they don’t do is inspire us to stop sitting on the sidelines, and work towards a better solution. Travis Mills started Rebel for Good to spread the message that instead of focusing on what divides us, we need to remember what unites us. Everyone wants to see a better world and a better future. But lately, the call to action for so many messages is not to do something, but instead, it is to blame another group for the and engage in hopelessness. So many messages focus on division and do not inspire action or positive change. 

That is why we all need to be Rebels for Good. We need to reject the idea that nothing can be done, or someone else needs to do it, or that it is someone else’s fault & responsibility. We need to work together and take steps to make the world a better place. And in doing that, we will see that we are united by the universal desire to make positive change. 

To be a Rebel for Good, we must reject the idea that we should just sit on the sidelines and complain about what isn’t being done. We need to get it done instead. A Rebel for Good isn’t someone working for a specific charity or cause, but it is someone who sees a problem and works towards its solution. It is someone who doesn’t just complain about the problems in our country but someone who does something about them. 

What Is Our Goal At Rebel For Good

We believe that the first step in any process is inspiration and awareness. Our goal is to make a shift from being “hearers” to being “doers”. Our goal is to disrupt the cycle of outrage & complacency. It is time to end the blame game and stop trying to figure out who should take responsibility, and just take responsibility. Our goal is for each of us to become a Rebel For Good in our own way. 

We want to inspire everyone to find the motivation and determination to make a difference. Actions speak much louder than words. A Rebel for Good is someone who says “enough is enough, what can I do about it”. And when stop blaming each other, and instead work towards common goals, we will all see that there is much more that unites us than divides us.

How We Help at Rebel For Good 

Here at Rebel For Good, we promise to commit 15% of all our profits to support charities and foundations that are making positive changes. This includes supporting the veterans who have fought for our freedom. We aim to help the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country. Men and women like Travis Mills whose belief in our country didn’t stop at belief but inspired them to take action. We hope that when we wear our Rebel for Good shirts or hats, we can start conversations with others about what it means to be a Rebel for Good. We hope to see a domino effect as more and more people figure out what it means for them to take action and truly be a Rebel for Good.

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